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Canadian Energy Materials Corp. is a junior mining exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of high quality mineral projects in  Canada and around the world. The Company was founded by a small group of highly experienced individuals to take advantage of pure cobalt plays created by the current market environment. Our strategy for cobalt exploitation is to carefully control the chain of custody so that all extracted cobalt is not tainted by the use of child labour or other unethical labour and business practices. We plan to invest in opportunities if the anticipated competitive opportunities materialize and comply with our rigorous pre-defined investment criteria.

Garibaldi Resources Corp. is a Canadian junior mining company utilizing the most sophisticated remote sensing technology in the world to explore for new gold silver and base metal deposits in the central and northern parts of Mexico’s prolific Sierra Madre. The Company controls three district scale projects covering more than 1,000 square kilometres of strategically located concessions close to some of the most robust gold and silver mining projects ever discovered in Mexico including Mulatos, Dolores and Ocampo.

The Sierra Madre is one of the most extensive belts of epithermal type gold-silver occurrences in North America and all of the known mining districts exhibit the widespread hydrothermal alteration that characterizes these types of deposits. All of  Tonichi-Onavas, Iris and Rodadero  were acquired because they cover broad areas of virtually unexplored hydrothermal alteration that are strikingly similar to the alteration zones associated with many of the known deposits..

All of these projects have potential to host multiple mineralized zones and management believes the company’s portfolio represents an exceptional, leveraged exploration opportunity.

The successfully completed fixed wing hyperspectral survey (flown by HyVista Corp. of Australia in consultation with MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. of Richmond, B.C.) has a much wider spectral range (126 bands rather than 8 bands for ASTER) and is roughly sixteen times (16x) more detailed than data from a space borne platform. Results of the Garibaldi Resources survey will be used to reduce Garibaldi’s substantial land package around hyperspectral target anomalies to develop a pipeline of projects to advance and / or joint venture.  

BlueBird Battery Metals is a well-financed Canadian publicly listed company focused on the exploration and development of strategic battery metals projects, primarily copper, cobalt, nickel, and vanadium. BlueBird’s goal is to pursue a business model that offers direct and long-term leverage to the price appreciation in nickel and cobalt, two principal materials in EV batteries. The Company plans to become a leader in the battery metals sector, as cobalt is currently in a global supply deficit, has a vulnerable supply chain, and is part of an emerging sector with extraordinary potential. BlueBird is advancing its portfolio of battery metals-focused assets in Western Australia and is currently reviewing new acquisition opportunities to add to the Company’s project portfolio.